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ক্রয় সংক্রান্ত


  1.  19/04/2022: IA-G1 Procurement of Computer & Accessories for Scheme on Internal Audit and Audit Follow-up.
  2. Notification of Award (Package No-IA-G1)
  3.  19/04/2022: IA-G5 Procurement of Office Equipment for Scheme on Internal Audit and Audit Follow-up
  4. Notification of Award (Package No-IA-G5)
  5.  03/03/2022: Letter of Acceptance (Shoyaok Service).
  6.  07/04/022: Purchase Order for the Supply of Goods.
  7. Procurement Plan for 2021-2023
  8. Procurement Plan for 2021-2022
  9. Procurement Plan for 2021-2022 (Revised - Goods)
  10. RFQ for Computer and Printer
  11. Purchase Order for Computer and Printer
  12. RFQ for Office Equipment
  13. Purchase Order for Office Equipment
  14. RFQ for Furniture